When we hear the word swimming pool designs, indoor pools might not be the first thing that comes to mind because outdoor pools are most common in homes. However, an indoor swimming pool can be a beautiful addition to any home for those with enough space. In addition, these indoor pools are an exceptional idea for people who want to enjoy a dip without going outside with an extra touch of luxury. Furthermore, you can have pool parties and enjoy swimming all year round with an indoor swimming pool.

Even if it is possible soon, you can always look into a few indoor swimming pool designs, making it perfect when you finally have your dream home. Read on!

Modern Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas:

Look at the list of indoor swimming pool ideas that help you enjoy having a pool and add a unique appeal to your home.

1. Creative Indoor Swimming Pool:

If you want to reduce general maintenance in regions with hot climates, a popular option is building a screen enclosure. The glass screen lets you enjoy the outside weather and protects the pool area from getting dirty by blocking debris, insects, or leaves from falling into the water. Furthermore, this glass screen blocks rainfall and harsh sunlight while not completely blocking the sunlight, which adds an elegant finish.

2. Fabulous Basement Indoor Swimming Pool:

Suppose you are looking for an indoor pool to dedicate specifically for exercise. In that case, this type of pool can be a perfect choice. This pool is not only suitable for performing lap after lap but also for recreational purposes. Furthermore, its beauty is further elevated with the addition of beautiful light fixtures on the roof, which reflect beautifully on the water’s surface. Additionally, the seating arrangements on one side of the pool keep it open to entertaining guests.

3. Indoor Swimming Pool with Enclosed Roof:

Choose a wholly enclosed indoor swimming pool design if you want to use it regardless of the weather. The enclosed upper area will make pool maintenance much easier because it won’t allow any debris from the outside. Furthermore, you can also control the pool’s temperature regardless of the outside weather. You can either go for simple designs or add additional features like a waterfall, hot tub, or water slide, depending on your space. Finally, you can also minimize exposure to the sun’s UV rays; the roof over the top of the swimming pool can be a perfect choice.

4. Sleek Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas:

If you want to redefine elegance indoors, embracing modern luxury with a sleek indoor swimming pool can be a perfect choice. Furthermore, you can enhance the elegant aesthetic of the place by incorporating innovative materials like polished tiles and glass. Additionally, the center stage of this entire design is contemporary, with clean lines creating a serene environment. Finally, you can use a neutral color palette and minimalist lighting fixtures for a refined ambiance.

5. Stylish Indoor Pool Design:

You can implement many variations into your indoor swimming pool to make it more unique and customized for your needs. However, if you are a fan of indoor pools that give you ultimate comfort in addition to aesthetics, this pool can work wonders. As shown in the picture, this indoor swimming pool has seating, so it looks like they are floating in the water. This effect adds to the visual appeal of the place and provides comfort. Furthermore, you can also add appropriate lighting inside the pool too.

6. Bright Indoor Swimming Pool:

This indoor swimming pool is a perfect choice to bring the brightness of the outdoors inside. This pool creates a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere by infusing the indoor pool area with natural light. Depending on your preferences, you can maximize the sunlight influx to enhance brightness by incorporating large windows, skylights, or light-colored tiles. Furthermore, create an illusion of spaciousness by placing mirrors strategically to reflect light. You can also add natural elements to beautify the space even further.

7. Indoor Swimming Pool with Ample Lighting:

Design your indoor swimming pool with ample lighting to create a luminous oasis where you can immerse yourself. The thoughtful combination of natural and artificial lighting gives you an inviting and bright atmosphere illuminating the indoor pool efficiently. You can also have a separate dedicated space for a hot tub beside the swimming pool to relax. Finally, place overhead lighting fixtures, recessed lighting, or LED lights strategically compliment the place, making the area well-lit.

8. Sophisticated Indoor Swimming Pool:

This sophisticated indoor swimming pool has refined design and exquisite features which helps you indulge in the pinnacle of luxury as you immerse yourself in the oasis of opulence. You can include several elements in this pool, from mosaic tiles to cascading waterfalls, to have an unforgettable swimming experience. Furthermore, you can complete the picture of indulgence by incorporating comfortable seating while enhancing the ambiance by thoughtfully integrating appropriate lighting. Regardless of the reason, this swimming pool helps you unwind.

9. Cool Indoor Swimming Pool Design:

This gorgeous indoor swimming pool helps you discover the epitome of coolness beautifully. The contemporary style and sophistication give you a unique ambiance with sleek lines and innovative features. For a minimalist approach, use a vibrant color palette or monochromatic tones to make a bold statement. Adding a waterfall and creative lighting options can create a dynamic and cool effect reflecting an innovative approach.

10. Splashy Indoor Swimming Pool:

Suppose you are a fan of splashy things that have a shiny effect on the surroundings. In that case, this beautiful indoor pool is a perfect example. A sleek glass structure enclosing the swimming pool gives you a mesmerizing aquatic space with the tinge of splashiness you need. You can create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere with the help of the glass covering because it allows light to flood the space. Furthermore, you can enjoy the sensation of swimming under the open sky while being sheltered from the environmental elements seem like a seamless integration.

11. Indoor Swimming Pool with Slides:

There are no kids who don’t want to have fun, especially when it comes to playing in a swimming pool. This gorgeous indoor swimming pool has a slide that transforms the place into an exhilarating water park. You can choose a simple or thrilling slide depending on your preference and needs. Kids of all ages, regardless of gender, can enjoy these slides helping kids make fond memories. You can join the kids or take a look from the side as they splash into the refreshing pool, letting them enjoy the adrenaline rush. This way, you can create unforgettable memories for the whole family with the help of this ultimate aquatic playground.

12. Indoor Swimming Pool Idea with Large Mirrors:

Adding large mirrors around the indoor swimming pool can elevate the elegance of the pool indoors, creating a visual grandeur in addition to a sense of spaciousness. The surrounding aesthetics and shimmering waters are beautifully reflected in the mirrors or glass windows on the wall. These glass windows make the space more open and provide a functional aspect by optimizing natural light and enhancing the overall aesthetic. Finally, the large glass windows and the pool create a visually stunning place, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication.

13. Dreamy Indoor Swimming Pool:

Who doesn’t like swimming in their indoor pool on a starry night? Yes! Though lovely, it is not always possible in every weather condition. An indoor swimming pool with a starry roof can be an ideal solution. Kids and adults of all ages, regardless of gender, can enjoy swimming under the celestial oasis underneath what looks like a sparkling sky. The mesmerizing ambience is created by the LED lights embedded in the roof, resembling a canopy of stars.

14. Indoor Swimming Pool with a Romantic Feel:

This indoor swimming pool reflects the art of relaxation and sophistication, giving the sanctuary an authentic look. This place can make anyone feel relaxed inside or outside the pool with appropriate seating arrangements. The mirror on the roof reflects the pool’s downside creating a visually appealing pool space. Placing plants here and there further makes the place look exceptionally gorgeous. To elevate the area further, incorporate serene lighting that adds to the ambiance.

15. Indoor Swimming Pool in a Greenhouse:

This beautiful indoor swimming pool is nestled within a greenhouse, immersing you in a lush paradise. The vibrant and tropical setting amidst the refreshing waters creates a beauty of nature; you can enjoy the serenity of swimming. The greenhouse’s transparent walls and ceiling will bathe the pool with natural light creating a sunlit and soothing atmosphere. This unique indoor swimming pool can become a tranquil retreat because exotic plants, fragrant flowers, and lush greenery surround it.

16. Unique Indoor Swimming Pool:

This is a unique indoor swimming pool where you can enjoy the outdoors through the glass wall, with one wall holding the mao if the world creates a stand-out place for you to enjoy a swim. The deck on the side of the pool has two comfortable deck chairs where you can relax before or after a swim. Furthermore, the roof of the indoor space and the pool is unique and is made with wood that further elevates the beauty of the place. Make sure to choose the wall colors depending on the interiors.

17. Gorgeous Indoor Swimming Pool:

This is another gorgeous indoor swimming pool that has a glass rooftop that can keep you safe from environmental factors regardless of the season while you enjoy the pool. The large doors and windows make the place look exceptional with a touch of traditionalism without leaving out certain modern elements. The cement deck on the sides of the pool has enough space to place the essentials you need to get into the pool and enjoy the water.

18. Unique Indoor Pool for Swimming:

If you want uniqueness, this indoor swimming pool can be a perfect choice. The tiles on the walls are in multiple shades of blue and grey, giving the space a striking look. The blue water reflects beautifully on the square-shaped wall tiles creating a serene space to enjoy swimming. As shown in the picture, the two divisions in the pool are based on depth, meaning kids and adults can enjoy spending time together and making memories.

19. Amazing Indoor Swimming Pool:

Though simple, this is one of the best indoor swimming pools for a small house, providing a place to enjoy privacy. The addition of a cute little hammock on the side will give you a place to read a book while enjoying the lovely pool environment. The deck is made with a combination of wood and cement, adding to the beauty of the place. The entire roof is also made of wooden material, making the area more authentic. However, the other side’s glass walls provide ample lighting during the day and starry light during the night.

20. Indoor Swimming Pool with Covered Roof:

Suppose you are looking for an indoor swimming pool requiring less general maintenance. In that case, this swimming pool with a screen enclosure around the pool can be a perfect option. This screen gives the place an ideal ambiance. It blocks debris like leaves or insects falling into the water, keeping the area neat and clean and helping you enjoy the time in the pool safely. The combination of glass and wood for the covered part beautifies the pool space significantly.

21. Enclosed Indoor Swimming Pool:

This enclosed indoor pool design helps you use the pool regardless of the weather outside. The advantage of these pools is that you can control the temperature and protect the pool from outdoor debris from falling into the water. You can incorporate endless features into the pool, like an additional hot tub, water slide, or waterfall features that keep the place entertaining for anyone, regardless of age.

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22. Small Fun Indoor Swimming Pool for Kids:

A pool can be entertaining to keep your kids engaged, especially during summer. Though outdoor pools are common, this type of indoor pool can be ideal when you want kids to enjoy pool time indoors under parental supervision. The sliding glass door can separate the pool from the other room, giving it multiple uses. The other side of the pool has a sitting area with an appropriate seating arrangement.

23. In-ground Indoor Swimming Pool:

This in-ground indoor swimming pool looks like it is beautifully incorporated into a home’s interiors. The central area of this space has a rectangular pool with a wooden deck on four sides. Most of the sides have bushes and plants adding greenery to the place. Furthermore, add a bit of color with appropriate seating with colorful cushions. The glass walls, doors, windows, and roof provide ample lighting brightening the space significantly.

24. Dreamy Indoor Swimming Pool Design:

Suppose you are looking for something dreamy; this beautiful indoor swimming pool design can be an ideal choice. This large pool provides you with ample space for you to enjoy a pleasant time. The roof is made of glass with appropriate lights providing natural and artificial lighting. The trees on one side create a beautiful look to the pool, though it is indoors. The seating on all sides helps you relax when your family is having a gala in the pool.

25. Rustic-style Indoor Swimming Pool:

If you want an indoor pool inside your home, you don’t always have to have a huge basement or an empty floor. Furthermore, you can set up a beautiful pool in your minimal space. The pool has a straightforward rustic feel due to the wooden roof, doors, and stonewall. However, the addition of glass slots on the ceiling gives the place enough natural lighting for you to enjoy a dip in the pool. You can also enter an indoor heated swimming pool to have that luxury inside your home.

Having an indoor swimming pool is not a luxury afforded by people with enough space to spare. These pools provide year-round enjoyment, flexibility, and convenience at your doorstep. In addition to having a personalized and comfortable aquatic experience, it also comes with the ability to control the water quality, lighting, and temperature, making it a unique experience. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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