The living room is the first area of the house that your guests notice. As they say “first impressions are always the best impressions”, a well-decorated front room reflects your style and personality. Along with tastefully done interiors and furniture, investing in an elegant false ceiling for living room is very important.

Not only do these ceilings enhance the aesthetics of your home, but also offer several advantages. They conceal ugly wiring, offer thermal insulation, aid in acoustic protection and also increase the overall energy efficiency. So, if you in search of some modern ceiling designs for living room, then you are in the right place!

Different Types Of False Ceiling Designs For Living Room:

Before that, let’s learn about the various types of false ceiling for living room in the market to make a better choice:

Plaster Of Paris False Ceilings (POP): These ceilings are made with the powdered form of Gypsum, called Plaster of Paris. They are cost-effective and easy to work with. However, they tend to develop cracks after a period of time.

Gypsum False Ceilings: Gypsum is another popular material used for its thermal protection and soundproofing properties. It is available in different colours in the form of boards, which can be easily installed at the location. The flexibility of this material allows for creating different bends and shapes.

Wooden False Ceilings: If you are living in cold climates, wooden ceilings are the best bet! They are easy to install and give a sophisticated look to the room. However, cost and maintenance are major disadvantages of using Wood.

Glass False Ceilings: Although glass is not a suitable material for home, you can use glass panes in combination with other materials to create stunning designs in your living room. Using glass at the right places can give the illusion of bigger room space.

Latest Living Room Ceiling Designs:

Here are our 15 simple and best living room ceiling designs with pictures and get ready to take some inspiration:

1. Simple False Ceiling Designs for Living Room:

Here is a basic tray ceiling design for your front room. Which is made with PoP material. The neat and refined look of this roofing makes the room look spacious and airy. The borders are designed to hold light fixtures and LED bulbs are added in the groove to highlight the ceiling. Don’t you simply love this idea?

2. Ceiling Design for Small Living Room:

If you have a small-sized living room, then you must ensure that the ceiling has a minimalistic design. Seen here is one such example in which the recessed roof gives the illusion of a wider room. Add a square-shaped chandelier to the centre and round LED bulbs around it to make the environment look shiny and bright.

3. False Ceiling Designs For Living Room With Fan:

This false ceiling is designed to accommodate a large fan design to keep the room airy. The regular tray ceiling is slightly recessed in the centre to reveal the fan holder. All the wiring goes behind the scenes and you only see the beautiful, decorative piece hanging out. Make sure that the position of the hook is right in the centre of the room for the even distribution of air.

4. Best Ceiling Designs for Hall:

For a large hall or meeting place, you need a ceiling that elevates the ambience. Seen here is one such creative design, which instantly grabs everyone’s attention. Instead of keeping the centre part plain, a designer gypsum board is installed to cover up the roof. The side accents are kept in black laminate, along with bright LED bulb fixtures.

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5. Pop Ceilings for Living Room:

Take a look at this quaint little room that is adorned with a classy Pop and Wooden ceiling. This is a perfect example of how you can combine different materials to achieve a unique look. First, the ceiling is recessed, then covered up with thick wood panels. In the centre, a suspended Pop element is added for extra decoration.

6. Gypsum Ceiling Designs for Living Room:

If you are into coloured ceilings, then Gypsum is an ideal pick! The material can be designed in almost any colour and shape to suit the interior theme. The sky-blue gypsum board seamlessly blends with the colour concept of the room. Adding white highlighters in the centre and on the corners gives a dramatically different look!

7. PVC Ceilings For Living Room:

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is a synthetic material used for ceilings. It is quite economical and gives your superior finish. While wood grain PVC panels are commonly used to cover up the living room roof, glossy white is another colour that can brighten up the entire space. Seen here is one example in which the ceiling and the side walls are covered up in PVC.

8. Wooden Ceiling Design for Living Room:

You simply cannot beat the class and sophistication of wood with any other material. Especially, when you live in slightly colder conditions, wooden ceilings offer warmth and comfort inside the room. Take a look at this vintage-inspired idea, which features shaded wooden panels fixed to cover up the roof surface. Combining it with PoP accents takes the room to a whole new level.

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9. Living Room Ceiling Design with Cement:

A bare cement ceiling is the latest trend these days. In contemporary homes, you are very likely to notice this concept, in which the roof is just plastered with cement and left in the skeleton form. The dark, fuzzy-looking ceiling adds a rustic charm to your room and also saves a ton of money. However, you need to very careful about choosing the rest of the décor.

10. Wall Ceiling Design for Living Room:

This innovative ceiling design is a great idea if you want to highlight a particular space in your living room. The TV area is artistically designed to shift your focus to this place and elevate it further. It starts as a suspended ceiling from the roof and extends along the sidewall. Bright lights on it can add a certain drama that we all need in our home!

11. False Ceiling Design for Rectangular Living Room:

A rectangular living room is the easiest to design! Having plenty of space gives you an opportunity to work out amazing ideas and play with your creativity. Seen here is a beautiful concept that gives you a pleasant experience. It is a combo of Pop and painted ceiling, that is accentuated with lights in the centre. Choose the centre colour based on the rest of the interior scheme.

12. False Ceiling for Square Living Room:

If you have a typical square room and wish to avoid the boxy look, go for this wavy false ceiling. The curvy element adds style and dimension to your living space. It is a clever way to create an illusionary effect on the eyes and to do that, go for a curve-shaped recessed ceiling and fill it with a co-ordinated suspension.

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13. Round Ceiling Designs For Living Room:

A circular-shaped ceiling makes your room look compact and aesthetically appealing. Especially in large, voluminous halls, using a round roof design can bring the focus to the centre of the room. It works great even in square or rectangular rooms, where the midpoint is elevated with a whimsical geometric pattern.

14. Contemporary Ceiling Design for Living Room:

This bespoke ceiling design lends a lavish look to your living room. White gypsum board is designed with thin, vertical cuts to reveal brightly lit bulbs inside. It gives the effect of a huge room; due to the way it is structured. This is a fantastic idea to maintain a lively atmosphere without the need for extra bulbs and fittings.

15. Vaulted Ceiling Design For Living Room:

If you add a new dimension to your living room, then check out this concept of Vaulted ceiling. This is ideal if you have a roof that protrudes out. Instead of leaving the space empty, you can add these faux vaults with wood or metallic panels. The idea is to decorate that element, without straying too much from the original design.

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Those are some of the best false ceiling designs for living room to watch out for! We have tried to put together, different types of roofing patterns cater to your requirements. These ideas expose us to the latest trends and concepts in the market, which can help you speak to the designer with confidence. So, keep in mind the structure of the room, budget, quality of material and of course, the overall detailing to make it a worthwhile investment!

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