Digitize Designs to Demonstrate Advanced 3D Scanning Tech at Space Tech Expo 2024

Innovating Aerospace Technology with Digitize Designs at Space Tech Expo 2024

May 6, 2024

Unveiling Precision: Elevating Aerospace with Advanced 3D Scanning

Join us at the Space Tech Expo | USA from May 13-15, where Digitize Designs will showcase our advanced 3D scanning technologies at Booth #5044. This year, we are focused on demonstrating how our technology is pushing the limits of aerospace engineering with unmatched precision and efficiency. Click here to read our official press release on APNews.

Digitize Designs Press Relase on KTLA

Spotlight on Our Partners and Technologies

At our booth, you’ll experience an impressive lineup of scanning systems, including the highly mobile Scantech® NimbleTrack™, the versatile FARO® ScanArm™, and the intuitive Artec 3D® Leo™. Each system offers unique capabilities that meet the complex demands of modern aerospace engineering, from rapid prototyping to intricate reverse engineering.

We are also excited to feature products from AESUB®, our partner in 3D scanning sprays and accessories. AESUB’s state-of-the-art scanning sprays enable high-quality data capture by enhancing the visibility of reflective or transparent surfaces during the scanning process, which is crucial for accurate measurements.

Showcasing Comprehensive Software Solutions

In addition to our hardware partners, we’ll be demonstrating our robust software lineup, including industry-leading solutions from Oqton® (Geomagic Design X™ and Control X™), InnovMetric® (PolyWorks|Inspector™), Mesh2Surface™, QuickSurface™, and DezignWorks®. These tools are integral to transforming raw scan data into actionable insights and precision models, facilitating everything from quality assurance to complex reverse engineering tasks.

Interactive Demonstrations and Expert Insights


Our team of seasoned professionals will give engaging, live demonstrations. They will showcase real-time applications of our technologies on actual aerospace components, illustrating their significant impact on the industry’s workflow and outcomes. Our demonstrations will also highlight how these tools seamlessly integrate into larger aerospace projects, providing critical value in speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

Join Us for a Deep Dive into 3D Scanning Innovation.

We invite you to visit us at the Long Beach Convention Center for a hands-on experience with the future of aerospace technology. Explore how our innovations are helping to shape the aerospace industry’s future with practical demonstrations and discussions with our expert team.

For more details about what we’ll be showcasing and to arrange a personal demonstration, please visit Digitize Designs’ website. We look forward to sharing our passion for 3D scanning technology and its applications in aerospace engineering with you at Space Tech Expo 2024.

Click here: Download the Official Press Release (PDF)
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