Digitize Designs RM-300

Digitize Designs RM-300

The RM-300 is the first of many OEM automated solutions Digitize Designs will release in 2023 and beyond.

The RM-300 is our flagship automated mobile workstation and works by leveraging a top-tier tech stack in terms of best-in- class hardware and software, all combined in a compact, rolling cart construction. Meet the remarkable, all-new RM-300, recently featured in leading industry publication, Metrology News.

  • Seamless Automation Integration
  • User-Friendly Metrology
  • High Precision
  • Compact and Versatile
  • Cost-Effective Automation

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Digitize Designs’ Automated Solutions Product Launch/New Product Line

RM-300 Technology Partners

The RM-300 Automated Mobile Workstation is designed by Digitize Designs and built on a Vention platform that utilizes SCANTECH SIMSCAN for 3D scanning/sensing, Universal Robot’s URE3 for robotics, a custom-built PC by Top Flight Computers and Dell Touchscreen Monitor for the system computer and dashboard, Nexos’ software for robotics and 3D scanning, and Polyworks Inspector software for automated inspections.

RM-300 Features & Benefits

The RM-300 features industry-leading software and hardware for 3D scanning integrated with a compact and portable rolling cart design. The RM-300 provides practically turnkey automatic part inspection, featuring:

  • 20-micron accuracy (0.0008 inches)
  • No need for powder on dark or shiny surfaces
  • 2 million points/second (average cycle time is less than 60 seconds)
  • Automatic inspections and reports created in Polyworks
  • Standard and customizable scan paths

See for yourself the remarkable capabilities of the Digitize Designs RM-300 with a live demo.

Unlock the Future of Precision Inspection with the RM-300 Automated Mobile Workstation. Experience seamless automation and precision at your fingertips. Schedule a live demo now to see how it can transform your quality control process.

Why Choose The RM-300 Automated Mobile Inspection Workstation?


Seamless Automation Integration

The RM-300 Automated Mobile Workstation is designed to seamlessly integrate with assembly lines, making it an invaluable addition to manufacturing processes. This integration enhances overall efficiency by automating part inspection and quality control. By reducing the need for manual intervention, it minimizes errors and ensures consistent results, ultimately saving time and resources.


User-Friendly Metrology

One of the standout features of the RM-300 is its user-friendliness. It simplifies the often complex field of metrology, allowing users of varying skill levels to conduct precise measurements confidently. This accessibility not only increases the throughput of inspections but also ensures that quality control remains a priority in manufacturing. Operators can rely on the RM-300 to consistently deliver accurate measurements.


High Precision

Precision is paramount in industries that rely on metrology and quality control. The RM-300 excels in this regard with its exceptional 20-micron accuracy. This level of precision ensures that every measurement is reliable and consistent. Whether inspecting parts for the automotive or aerospace industries, users can trust that the RM-300 will provide accurate data, contributing to the overall quality of the end product.


Discover everything you need to know about RM-300 Automated Mobile Inspection Workstation with our comprehensive specification breakdown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The RM-300 is Digitize Designs’ flagship OEM solution, tailored to offer superior automated 3D scanning. With fantastic accuracy of up to 0.020 mm and an integrated rotary table, the RM-300 ensures precision and efficiency in every scan.

The RM-300 is designed for high-speed data acquisition. Its automated rotary mechanism and streamlined software integration allow quick and efficient scans without compromising detail.

Absolutely. The RM-300 is versatile and can handle various objects, making it perfect for the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and design industries.

With a focus on the end user, the RM-300 offers an intuitive user experience. The automated features and the proprietary software make the scanning process smooth and straightforward, even for those new to 3D scanning.

The RM-300 is optimized for use with Digitize Designs’ proprietary software. This ensures seamless integration, efficient data processing, and a streamlined workflow.

The RM-300 is designed with simplicity in mind. Its automated features and built-in calibration tools allow users to get started quickly, with minimal setup required.

At Digitize Designs, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer support. RM-300 owners have access to our dedicated support team, ensuring that any queries or issues are addressed promptly.

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