FARO Focus Laser Scanners

FARO Focus Laser Scanners

FARO Focus Laser Scanners revolutionize large object and building measurements.

In just minutes, they deliver accurate, detailed, and photorealistic 3D images, replacing weeks of conventional methods. Their user-friendly touch screen and compact design make operation as easy as a digital camera, while built-in durability ensures performance in challenging conditions.

  • Rapid 3D Imaging
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Built-in Durability

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Advanced 3D Imaging with User-Friendly Operation

Capturing the measurements of a large object or building with conventional documentation methods can take days or weeks, and even then the data might contain errors or missing details. But the FARO Focus Laser Scanners create accurate, complete and photorealistic 3D images of any environment or object in just a few minutes. With their intuitive touch screen and compact design, these FARO Focus 3D scanners are as easy to operate as a digital camera — with built-in protection from dirt, dust, fog, rain and heat/cold.

Never miss a measurement

The comprehensive, fast, accurate capturing of everything within the Focus Laser Scanner’s line of sight means that you never have to go back to a site for missing measurements. Finalizing and viewing your 3D scan data on-site provides the confidence your teams need to know they are done with the job.


Reduce rework and material waste

Knowing the exact as-built conditions of your project ensures your designs fit the first time. And monitoring construction progress regularly and frequently in 3D helps you identify issues before they become costly and delay your schedule.


Manage large and complex projects with confidence

In combination with FARO software solutions and WebShare for easy 3D data sharing, you will always know what’s happening with your projects.


Protect your investment

With its unique expandability, a FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner grows with your needs. The integrated accessory bay of the S series allows you to add new sensors or indicators to your device. And the FARO Swift extension allows you to turn your Focus into a super-fast mobile scanning system for large indoor projects.


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Why Choose the FARO Focus Laser Scanner?


Exceptional Accuracy and Versatility

Choose the FARO Focus Laser Scanners for unparalleled accuracy and an impressive range of up to 350 meters. These scanners leverage advanced sensor technologies to provide precise measurements in various environments. Whether you’re scanning indoors or outdoors, under bright sunlight or in complete darkness, their remarkable adaptability shines through. Designed for resilience, they come with a sealed and rugged build, boasting Ingress Protection (IP) and Class 54 environmental ratings, ensuring performance even in extreme temperature conditions.


Visualization Prowess and Comprehensive Sensing

Experience lifelike visualizations and superior color detail, even in challenging lighting scenarios, thanks to the High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo overlay capabilities of these scanners. Equipped with a suite of sensors, including GPS, compass, height, and a dual-axis compensator, they guarantee comprehensive data capture. The scanners feature an intuitive touch screen interface for effortless control and offer the convenience of remote operation via any mobile device using WLAN connectivity.


Efficiency and Precision at the Core

Efficiency reaches new heights with the retake photos option, allowing selective rescanning without the need to redo entire scans. Additionally, the scan group feature enhances precision by enabling high-resolution rescans of multiple areas. Exclusive to models like the FocusS 350, FocusS 150, and FocusS 70, on-site compensation ensures top-notch scan data quality and traceable documentation. Real-time data processing in SCENE Software becomes seamless with on-site registration, enabling wire transmission of scan data. The integrated accessory bay further expands functionality, allowing you to connect future accessories and customize your scanning experience, all while a laser status indicator prioritizes on-site safety. Opt for the FARO Focus Laser Scanners to elevate your scanning capabilities.

Technical Specifications

Range Option Premium 350 FocusPremium 150 FocusFocus Premium 70
Unambiguity Interval614 m for up to 0.5 MPts/sec614 m for up to 0.5 MPts/sec614 m for up to 0.5 MPts/sec
307 m at 1 MPts/sec307 m at 1 MPts/sec307 m at 1 MPts/sec
153 m at 2 MPts/sec153 m at 2 MPts/sec153 m at 2 MPts/sec
White, 90% Reflectivity0.5 – 350 m0.5 – 150 m0.5 – 70 m
Dark-grey, 10% Reflectivity0.5 – 150 m0.5 – 150 m0.5 – 70 m
Black, 2% Reflectivity 0.5 – 50 m0.5 – 50 m0.5 – 50 m
Range Noise
White, 90% Reflectivity 0.1 mm @ 10 m, 0.2 mm @ 25 m
Dark-grey, 10% Reflectivity 0.3 mm @ 10 m, 0.4 mm @ 25 m
Black, 2% Reflectivity 0.7 mm @ 10 m, 1.2 mm @ 25 m
Max Speed Up to 2 MPts/sec
3D Accuracy3 2 mm @ 10 m, 3.5 mm @ 25 m
Ranging Error4 ±1 mm
Angular Accuracy5 19 arcsec
LaserHDR Yes
Temperature Range6 Operating: +5 ° to +40 °C, Extended Operating: -10 ° to +55 °C, Storage: -10 ° to +60 °C

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Frequently Asked Questions

FARO Focus Laser Scanners are versatile 3D measurement devices that capture detailed, high-resolution spatial data. They are frequently utilized in construction, forensics, industrial manufacturing, and heritage preservation to document structures, recreate crime scenes, measure components, or digitally archive historical sites.

These scanners leverage state-of-the-art Phase Shift technology, providing high-speed scans without compromising detail. The precise laser system captures millions of data points per second, rendering detailed 3D representations with accuracy.

Yes, the FARO Focus series is designed for durability. With their robust build and IP54-rated protection against dust and water splashes, these scanners can operate effectively even in demanding indoor or outdoor conditions.

FARO Focus Laser Scanners primarily integrate with FARO’s SCENE software for processing and analyzing scanned data. However, the output can also be compatible with various CAD, BIM, and VR platforms, ensuring versatility across numerous applications and industries.

Depending on the specific model within the Focus range, these scanners can cover distances from close range up to several hundred meters. This wide range ensures flexibility for various project scales, from smaller objects to vast landscapes or structures.

Yes, equipped with integrated high-resolution cameras, the Focus series captures precise spatial data and provides detailed color overlays, making the scans photorealistic and aiding in data interpretation.

The Focus series is renowned for its user-friendly design and quick setup. Users can have the scanner operational within minutes of arriving at a site, capturing detailed 3D data efficiently.

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