Numbers play an important role in mathematics to compare, add, subtract and solve all kinds of problems. Learning math helps children’s brains learn, function better and think logically, and also helps their future academic and career success. To make number learning easier and more enjoyable, parents can incorporate worksheet activities, puzzles and games at the preschool level to help children learn basic numbers at home. This makes the learning process more fun and beneficial for children. In this article, we have provided 0-9 number worksheets for Kindergarten and Nursery kids.

0 to 9 are the basic numbers, whereby the value of any number is formed only by these numbers. We have provided a separate practice worksheet for basic numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. In each worksheet, we have provided many number activities like trace numbers, number names, and counting numbers with the help of pictures.

Free Printable Number Worksheets for Kindergarten and Nursery:

1. Number 0 Worksheet for Kindergarten:

This number 0 worksheet is for Kindergarten. It helps in learning to recognize, learn and write the number zero.

2. Number 1 Worksheet for Preschool:

These worksheets help students identify and print the number one, count to one, and identify “1” in a group of numbers.

3. Number 2 worksheet for Nursery:

The number 2 worksheet helps nursery kids to write the number 2, trace the number 2, and learn the number name.

4. Number 3 Worksheet for Preschool:

This worksheet helps nursery children learn how to count and write the number 3. And helps identify 3 in the number group.

5. Number 4 Worksheet for LKG & UKG Kids:

Practice Number 4 Worksheet for Kindergarten Kids helps us learn how to write and count the number 4.

6. Number 5 Worksheet for Nursery:

5 Number worksheet for nursery and kindergarten kids helps to learn number five’s trace, count, and number name.

7. Number 6 Worksheet for Preschool:

Learn how to count and write 6 with this number activity worksheet for Nursery and Kindergarten.

8. Number 7 Worksheet for Kindergarten:

This worksheet helps children to recognize, count and recognize the number seven in the number group.

9. Number 8 Worksheet for Nursery:

The number 8 worksheet for nursery kids helps to recognize and count the number 8 and identify 8 in the number group.

10. Number 9 Worksheet for Preschool:

Number 9 worksheet activities help kids practice the number 9. These worksheets help kids learn basic math.

11. Number Names Practice Worksheet:

This worksheet tests children’s learning skills by matching the numbers and its name with a straight line.

12. Tracing Numbers 0-9 Worksheet for Kindergarten:

This tracing numbers 0-9 worksheet for Kindergarten helps kids learn the number sequence from 0 to 9.

These number learning worksheets help nursery and kindergarten children introduce numbers 0-9. Explore and practice all worksheets by numbers, names of numbers, and identifying numbers in a group of numbers. Hope these worksheets help kids learn numbers from 0 to 9.

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