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AESUB Dice are a game-changer in 3D scanning efficiency. They can hold up to 11 retroreflective targets of 6 mm, or even more for 3 mm sizes. These dice are versatile and have the option for a built-in magnet for metal surfaces or an M4 thread for non-magnetic attachments. Their innovative design minimizes data loss and streamlines scan preparation, making them an essential tool for capturing intricate details on small or delicate objects.

  • For up to 11 retroreflective targets
  • With magnet or thread
  • For quick attachment and easier scan preparation


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AESUB Dice: Enhancing 3D Scanning Precision

AESUB Dice are designed to significantly improve 3D scanning workflows by allowing for the quick attachment of up to 11 retroreflective targets of 6 mm or more for 3 mm sizes. Available with either a magnet for easy attachment to metal surfaces or an M4 thread for versatility, these dice ensure efficient scan preparation and minimal data loss. Perfect for objects of small size or delicate nature, AESUB Dice streamline the scanning process, making them an essential tool for professionals seeking precision and efficiency in their 3D scanning projects.


Precision Engineered for Complexity

AESUB’s latest innovation, AESUB Dice, exemplifies the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of 3D scanning technology. Developed with the intricate challenges of scanning small and delicate objects in mind, these dice are precision-engineered to accommodate multiple retroreflective targets, enhancing detail capture without compromising the object’s integrity. This attention to detail reflects AESUB’s commitment to providing solutions that cater to the nuanced demands of professionals across various industries. By integrating features such as a built-in magnet for metal surfaces and an M4 thread for versatility, AESUB Dice represent a fusion of practicality and cutting-edge technology, designed to streamline and improve scanning workflows.

aesub dice

Innovating for Efficiency and Versatility

At the heart of AESUB’s product development lies a relentless pursuit of efficiency and versatility. AESUB Dice are a testament to this ethos, offering a solution that not only speeds up the scanning preparation process but also reduces the reliance on an excessive number of reference points. Whether it’s the magnet’s quick attachment feature or the adaptability provided by the M4 thread, these dice are designed to meet the diverse needs of scanning professionals. AESUB’s commitment to innovation is evident in the thoughtful design of the dice, aiming to minimize data loss and ensure ease of use across a wide range of applications. Through products like the AESUB Dice, the company continues to set new standards in the 3D scanning industry, reinforcing its reputation as a leader in technological advancements.


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Why Choose AESUB Dice?


Versatile Attachment Options

AESUB Dice offer unparalleled flexibility with their dual attachment mechanisms. Whether you’re working with metal surfaces, where the built-in magnet provides quick and secure attachment, or dealing with non-magnetic materials requiring the precision of an M4 thread, AESUB Dice adapt to your specific needs. This versatility ensures that the dice can be used across a wide range of scanning environments, significantly easing the setup process for diverse projects.


Optimized for Detailed Scans

Designed to hold up to 11 retroreflective targets of 6 mm or more for 3 mm targets, AESUB Dice are optimized for capturing intricate details on small or delicate objects. Their ability to accommodate numerous retroreflective targets enhances the accuracy and depth of 3D scans, ensuring high-quality results even in complex scanning scenarios. The chamfered bottom design further minimizes data loss, making AESUB Dice a key tool for precision scanning.


Streamlined Scanning Workflow

The innovative design of AESUB Dice not only improves the detail and accuracy of scans but also significantly reduces the reliance on a large number of reference points. This streamlining effect facilitates quicker scan preparation and a more efficient scanning process overall. Whether you’re scanning an object on a table surface or dealing with art rotation and multiple views, positioning a few AESUB Dice around the item can dramatically improve workflow, saving time and enhancing productivity.

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