The AESUB Frame is a cutting-edge, modular assembly tool crafted from carbon fiber-enforced material, offering an extremely lightweight yet stiff structure for 3D scanning.

Designed for rapid scanning tasks of part series, it is ideal for digitizing small to midsize parts. When used in combination with AESUB dots, it provides an unparalleled, reliable scanning setup that enhances efficiency and accuracy.


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Introducing The AESUB Frame

A pinnacle of engineering designed specifically for the 3D scanning industry. This target frame, constructed from carbon fiber-enforced printed material, represents the forefront of modular design, combining exceptional durability with an extraordinarily lightweight and stiff structure. Its modular nature allows for easy assembly and disassembly, catering to a wide range of scanning environments and requirements.

Precision and Efficiency: The AESUB Frame for Professional 3D Scanning

The AESUB Frame’s design is meticulously tailored to meet the needs of professionals seeking rapid and reliable digitization solutions for small and midsize parts. This tool’s lightweight composition significantly reduces setup and handling time, making it a go-to for series production scanning tasks where efficiency and repeatability are paramount. Moreover, its stiffness ensures minimal deformation, guaranteeing high precision and consistency in scan results.


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Why Choose AESUB Frame?


Rapid and Reliable Digitization

The AESUB Frame is specifically designed to cater to professionals in need of fast, dependable digitization solutions for small and midsize parts. Its modular assembly allows for quick setup and adjustment, catering to a variety of scanning tasks. This rapid deployment capability makes the AESUB Frame an invaluable asset in environments where time is of the essence, and reliability in capturing precise data is critical.


Lightweight yet Sturdy Construction

Crafted from carbon fiber-enforced material, the AESUB Frame offers an optimal balance of lightweight construction and stiffness. This unique combination ensures that the frame is easy to handle and maneuver during scanning tasks, while its structural rigidity prevents any deformation that could compromise scan quality. The result is a tool that significantly enhances operational efficiency without sacrificing accuracy or consistency in scan results.


Optimized for Series Production Scanning

With its emphasis on efficiency and repeatability, the AESUB Frame is perfectly suited for series production scanning tasks. Its design minimizes setup and handling times, facilitating a streamlined scanning process that can handle the demands of repetitive scanning with utmost precision. This feature is particularly beneficial in industrial settings where time savings and consistent quality are paramount, making the AESUB Frame a go-to solution for achieving high throughput with exceptional scan accuracy.

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