If you’re looking for toys for your 3 months old baby, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the best toys available out there which will suit the mental and physical needs of your 3 months old baby. The top 11 toys for 3 months old baby are as follows.

Top 12 Toys for 3 Month Old Babies:

1. The Octopus:

There are some kids who are very attracted to sea creatures such as octopus, as they see them in cartoons quite often. This particular toy is made of good quality cotton and sports beautiful colors as well, which will be a treat for your child’s eyes. It can be said to be one of the best toys for a 3 months old baby.

2. The Christmas Monkey Toy:

This particular toy is suitable for both boys and girls (3 months old). It displays a beautiful texture and almost anyone will easily fall in love with this beautiful toy. This monkey toy looks as if the money is peeking out of a cup and smiling vibrantly at the child. It is one of the best toys for three month old babies.

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3. The Dog Anatomy Stuffed Toy:

This particular toy is suitable for your 3month old baby. It is really simple and not too much over the top as well. The kids will find this particular stuffed toy suitable for them. It sports beautiful colored clothes all over the body of the dog along with the names of those body parts as well. This will be a good way of learning the different body parts of animals as well as humans. It replicates a happy dog and this will probably make the kid happy as well. This is one of the ideal toys for 3 month old infants.

4. The Toy Train:

3months old babies are fond of colors, especially girls (according to research). If you’re looking for toys for 3months old babies, then this might be the ideal one for your kid. This is basically a toy train with which almost every child would want to play with. The toy sports beautiful colors on each and every minor and the major part of it. The kids will find it attractive and will hopefully expect less entertainment from you and keep themselves entertained with this particular toy.

5. The Pony Set for Girls:

If you have a 3month old girl, then this pony set might be the perfect gift for her. Allow her to expose her mind to this amazing and colorful pony set which will make her imagination more vivid. Let them live in fairy tales till they get mature quickly enough, as they grow pretty fast.

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6. The Activity Toys:

This seems like a large wheel on which the baby will have to arrange stuff by using her or his feet to rotate around it. There are wheels at the bottom which will assist the baby in moving clockwise around the toy. It is a really fun game and will keep the baby’s body fit and active at all times.

7. Lightweight Rattles:

Do buy some rattles, as they are toys which the baby likes to hold and shake and produce noise and it is an efficient time-killer, though it might turn out to be stressful for the parents sometimes as some cannot withstand that noise almost throughout the day. This is definitely one of the best developmental toys for 3 month old babies. Rattles have traditionally been used to engage and distract babies and they have proven to be effective.

8. The Board Book:

These are decorated books make out of cardboard and paper. These books provide relevant and necessary information to the children along with eye-catching pictures. It is one of the best baby toys for 3months old.

9. Waterproof Toys:

Keep your stock full with the help of a number of waterproof toys. Babies love to avail some toys such as seahorses, ducks, etc during their bath time. These toys are some of the most popular 3months old baby toys.

10. Monkey Pacifier:

This naughty WubbaNub Monkey is a barrel of laughs and will certainly keep your baby happy. The monkey’s soft paws and curvy tail are the perfect size for your baby’s little hands to hold onto. The pacifier is close and is positioned in a way that is easy for the baby. This toy is absolutely safe as it is made with medical grade, latex-free pacifier, and is also BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.

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11. Manhattan Toy Basketball Winkel Baby Toy:

This rattle is multi-sensory and helps your 3 month old baby reach for this toy. The size of this rattle is perfect for little babies and the rings slide back and forth. The bright colours are used to stimulate better development of your baby’s vision. The maze is mesmerizing with colours and the loops instantly grab your baby’s attention.

12. Musical Caterpillar Toy, Jcobay Interactive Multicolored Infant Toy Stuffed Cuddly Baby Toy with Ruler Design, Bells and Rattle Educational Toddler Plush Toy:

This little caterpillar is your baby’s new best friend. The music is calm and soothing and plays lullabies for about two minutes. This is specially designed for a growing baby and is one of the best toys for three month old babies. It is ideal for cribs, stroller and anywhere the baby goes. This toy aids in vision, auditory and tactile sensory development.

Apart from toys, here are a few activities that you can indulge in with your little 3 month old.

1. Happy Feet:

This is another great way to bond with your baby. Choose one of the nursery rhymes that you can play with your baby’s toes and feet. Place your baby comfortably on his back and reach for his feet.

This little piggy went to market, (shake the big toe)
This little piggy stayed home, (shake the second toe)
This small piggy had roast beef, (shake the third toe)
This little piggy had none, (shake the fourth toe)
And this little piggy cried, “Wee, wee, wee!” all the way home! (finally the baby toe)

2. Roll along:

  • Take a soft blanket or bed sheet.
  • Put your baby gently on the blanket.
  • Slowly raise one side of the blanket so that your baby begins to roll
  • Keep talking or singing to your baby as you direct the baby with your hands.
  • When your baby finally rolls over, show how excited you are.

Repeat it as many times as you’d like or until your baby is tired.

3 Months Child Toy Activities:

Your child is probably going to chat away with you at this point. You can build up her dialect abilities by conversing with her for the duration of the day. Take a stab at depicting what you’re doing as you do it, regardless of whether it’s simply stacking the clothes washer.

You may likewise see your child waving her arms and kicking her legs eagerly. What’s more, in the event that you hold her up with her feet touching the floor, she should push down on her legs now.

Your child can likewise unite the two hands, open her clenched hands, and play with her fingers. She may even utilize a shut-clench hand to bat at dangling toys. You can build up your child’s dexterity by holding out a toy to check whether she’ll get a handle on it.

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In this article, you get a list of some of the best toys for 3 months old babies. These toys are suitable for kids who are not less than 3 months old. However, there are a few toys in this list such as rattles which will be suitable for babies of almost all ages. Babies love to play and explore new things. This is their way of connecting with the world. Babies love delightful toys that make music, and sounds and ones that are easy to grip on for hours. Hope you are now able to choose the right kind of gift for infants with a few pointers from us.

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