Sending your child away to camp can be a difficult task for any parent. It is natural to want to make sure your child is well-prepared and feels comfortable during their time away from home. While the standard camping gear is a must, there are additional accessories that can help your child feel more connected to home or to you. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top twenty one camping accessories that you should consider packing for your child’s next camping trip. By including these items, you can ensure that your child has a positive and memorable camping experience.

20 Must Have Camping Accessories On Your Trip:

1. Bag of Clean Toiletries:

Toiletries are among the essential camping accessories to pack. Being stranded in the woods without a toothbrush or body soap can be inconvenient, especially for children. Hence, it’s crucial to pack your child’s toiletries carefully. You can even make it a bit fun by adding unique items like body soap paint or a musical toothbrush to cheer up your kid during the trip.

2. Medicines:

When preparing a basic first aid kit, it’s important to include essential items like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers. Additionally, each child may have specific medical needs, such as allergies, that require their own set of medicines. Therefore, it’s recommended to pack a separate bag of medicines for your child’s specific needs, along with other medications that might come in handy. Being extra cautious is never a bad idea when it comes to safety and health while camping.

3. Tent:

A high-quality tent is an essential piece of camping equipment, providing shelter and protection from the elements. While some camps may provide tents, others require you to bring your own. It’s crucial to purchase a durable canvas tent and comfortable sleeping bags for your child’s camping trip. If you have a sentimental attachment to your old camping gear, you could even pass down your own tent from your previous camping days to your child.

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4. Swiss Army Knife:

When kids go off to camp in the woods, they’re usually old enough to handle Swiss Army knives. If your child is in this age range, it’s crucial not to forget to pack one for them. These knives can be extremely handy for surviving in the wilderness and tackling a variety of tasks. Plus, since other campers will likely have one, it’s a good idea for your child to have one on hand as well. This will help them feel more prepared and confident during their camping experience.

5. Add in Fashion:

It’s important to avoid packing shabby clothes just because your child is going camping. While it’s likely that they’ll get dirty during their trip, having fashionable and comfortable clothes can help them feel more confident when meeting new kids and making friends. So, be sure to pack appropriate clothes that your child will feel comfortable in and that will help them feel equipped for their camping experience.

6. Sources of Entertainment:

Although the camp will likely provide entertainment for your child, packing a few items can help them bond more quickly with the other campers. In addition, there’s always a chance that your child may become ill or need to spend time in their tent, in which case they’ll appreciate having some entertainment on hand. Consider packing books, puzzles, board games, beach balls, and other toys like Frisbees or bean bags. And, of course, don’t forget to include your child’s favorite soft toy. These items can help keep your child occupied and content during their camping adventure.

7. Sleeping Bag and pad:

A sleeping bag will keep you warm and comfortable while sleeping in your tent. A sleeping pad provides insulation from the ground and adds comfort while sleeping.

8. Camp Stove:

A portable camp stove allows you to cook meals while camping.

9. Cooler:

A cooler keeps food and drinks cold and fresh while camping.

10. Lantern:

A lantern provides light at night and can be useful for cooking, reading or playing games.

11. Headlamp:

A headlamp is a hands-free light source that can be useful for hiking, setting up camp, or nighttime activities.

12. Multi-Tool:

A multi-tool is a versatile tool that can include a knife, scissors, pliers, screwdriver, and other tools in one compact package.

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13. Camping Chairs:

Folding chairs are lightweight and easy to transport, providing a comfortable place to sit around the campfire.

14. Flashlight:

A powerful flashlight is an essential item for all campers. If your child is feeling adventurous and decides to explore the woods at night, having a reliable flashlight will be crucial for them to find their way back to camp. So, be sure to pack a good quality flashlight for your child’s camping trip.

15. A Souvenir from Home:

Sending a souvenir from home with your child can be a thoughtful gesture, but it’s important to consider your child’s emotional needs. You know your child best, so you’ll have a good sense of whether or not they may feel homesick during their camping trip. If you think they might benefit from a small memento, consider sending something like a favorite stuffed animal, a family picture, or a personal message. Depending on your child’s attachment to home, you could even consider giving them your old camping tent. Just be sure to approach this with sensitivity and avoid making your child feel unnecessarily homesick or upset.

16. Home Food:

While many camps have rules against bringing in outside food, if the camp you’ve chosen allows it, consider packing a bag of your child’s favorite non-perishable goodies to help them feel more at home. Homemade cookies or other treats can be a great way to bring a taste of home to your child’s camping experience. Just be sure to follow any rules or restrictions set by the camp to avoid causing any issues. Providing your child with some familiar foods can help them feel more comfortable and adjust to their new surroundings more easily.

17. Portable Power Bank:

A portable power bank allows you to charge your phone, camera, or other devices while camping.

18. Insect Repellent:

Mosquitoes and other insects can be a nuisance while camping. Insect repellent can help keep them at bay.

19. Sunscreen:

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen regularly.

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20. Water Filter:

A water filter allows you to safely drink water from natural sources like streams or lakes.

21. Maps and Compass:

Maps and compass are essential for navigation in the wilderness.

In conclusion, having the right camping accessories can make a huge difference in the comfort and enjoyment of your camping trip. With the wide variety of camping gear available in the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget some essential items. The list of camping accessories presented in this article includes some must-have items that will not only make your camping experience more comfortable but also help you create lasting memories. Don’t forget to pack these essential items before your next camping trip and enjoy the great outdoors with your family and friends!

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