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In this category, you’ll find top-tier, professional-grade Handheld 3D Scanners, Desktop 3D Scanners, Long-Range 3D Scanners, Portable CMM, Demo 3D Scanners, and OEM Automated Solutions. From portable wonders to powerful desktop solutions, explore the nuances of our diverse 3D scanner selection. As proud partners of industry giants like Artec 3D, FARO® Technologies and Scantech, witness the synergy of precision and innovation.

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From start-ups to Fortune 500s, from automotive and aerospace to manufacturing and medical, the verdict is clear: countless household names trust Digitize Designs for their 3D scanning and metrology needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Handheld scanners are versatile and suitable for scanning various objects in different environments. Desktop scanners are stationary and ideal for smaller objects, offering high precision. Long-range scanners capture large areas or structures like buildings or large machinery. Portable CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines) are used for precise measurements and often combine probing and scanning capabilities.

All three companies offer high-quality scanners, but their specialties might differ. Scantech is known for its innovative solutions, Artec 3D for its user-friendly handheld scanners, and FARO for its long-standing reputation in metrology and long-range scanning. The best choice depends on the specific application and user needs.

The RM-300 is an automated solution to streamline inspection. Its mobile nature allows it to be moved to various locations, and its automated features reduce manual work, increase repeatability, and ensure consistent, high-quality results.

Professionals across various industries purchase these scanners. This includes those in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, architecture, arts, and healthcare, among others. They are used for design, quality control, reverse engineering, and more.

The choice depends on your application. Consider factors like the object’s size to be scanned, desired accuracy, mobility needs, and specific industry requirements. Consulting with a sales representative can guide you to the best choice.

Depending on the model and application, these brands offer high-precision scanners, with accuracy often ranging from sub-millimeter to a few millimeters. Always check the technical specifications and consult our engineering team for detailed, accurate information.

While many scanners are designed to be user-friendly, some training can help users maximize the scanner’s capabilities, ensure accurate results, and understand the software associated with the scanner. Thankfully, we provide this service!

The RM-300 is automated and mobile, designed primarily for inspection. It provides consistent scans without the variability of manual operation, making it ideal for repetitive and high-accuracy tasks.

Most scanners come with their proprietary software, but it’s essential to check compatibility if you intend to use third-party software or integrate the scans into existing workflows.

Most manufacturers, including Scantech, Artec 3D, and FARO Technologies, offer post-purchase support and world-class warranties, whether it’s software updates, maintenance services, training, and technical support. Ensure to inquire about the specifics of the support package and protection plans when purchasing. Working through a certified reseller like Digitize Designs gives you an additional, often much more accessible, layer of support and the value of a long-term partner (who’s available in real-time, on your time). This can ensure you stay educated and equipped and enjoy your experience long after you’ve received your 3D scanner.

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Same-Day Shipping on orders placed by 10am ET M-F

5% Off Accessories with code DIGITIZE5

Sales, Setup, Support & Training by Certified Engineers